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  1. jackie c

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    Jul 17, 2004
    On a previous thread Queen Bee brought up some excellent ideas on table display.
    Not having an aritistic hand at all when it comes to decorating, does any one have other tips on how to set up an attractive table and area?
  2. Cyngbaeld

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    May 20, 2004
    SE Missouri
    Well, you are prob more artistic than you give yourself credit for! LOL

    I would start with a theme. Say gingham. Nice and country and easily avail at reasonable prices. Pick three main colors. Like red/white/blue. Everybody seems to enjoy those three together. Put a red gingham cloth on the table. I have a couple that were quite cheap and are vinyl with a cloth back. You don't want it stained.

    If you use the baskets make or buy gingham bows for them. Use squares of pinked gingham over fruit jars, hold it in place with the ring. You can wrap pots of flowers with cloth squares if you put some plastic around the outside of the pot first. Be sure to get some plain fabric in the colors you are using as well. Intermix them with the print fabric.

    You don't have to use gingham, if you keep to a good color scheme. You can have a different theme for different seasons too. You can buy fabric with all sorts of prints. Pick one you really like and get some plain fabric with the same colors. Say you buy a novelty print with tea pots and cups on it and the colors are pink, yellow, green and white. Get enough to make a table cloth and enough to make yourself an apron to match. Then buy plain fabric in pink, yellow green and white to make your squares from.

    Be sure your prices are clear and up front so folks can see them. Put extra stock under the table if need be to keep the table from being cluttered.

    Hope this helps.

  3. moonwolf

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    Sep 19, 2004
    The theme idea mentioned above is an excellent suggestion.
    Since you are in Canada, I might have something with red maple leaf incorporated within labels, wrapping, table skirting, etc. This could be subtle or mixed with a theme of the vegetable or plant product you might sell. If it's a craft item you make, have labels showing that it's 'Handcrafted in Canada' for your tourist trade. If you have 'home grown' and 'natural' product, I would mention that somehow and that your locals become aware of that by word of mouth also. Any vegetable that is not common, people will ask what you do with it. Small printed recipe cards (with maple leaf :D :yeeha: ) and your logo and contact info with it will be a great help. For example, if you offer tomatillos, give a Salsa recipe... and so on. Also, a specific processing tomato that goes good with it. That helps them both sell.
  4. fordson major

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    Jul 12, 2003
    east ont canada
    not sure were you get them but foodland ontario has preprinted recipe cards for vegys and the various animal groups have them too. you want your booth to stand out not blend in. even hideous has its draw but i would not go that route! fresh baked buns draw really well! lighting and country feel help ,if you have to set up and tear down each time making your set up self portable is a great help .we set up in the spring tear down in the fall.saw a nice fudge set up made up like a old fasion fish venders cart with a sign across the top and lots of gingham. depends on your local, tourists go for gimics while locals avoid them .