Swelling (or lump) under chin?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by mattsonroadmama, Jun 8, 2005.

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    Jun 8, 2005
    My 9-yr-old mama doe has developed a lump under her chin, about the size of a large walnut (if you were to draw a line directly beneath each eye until it meets at the point between the two jaw bones under her chin...it's right there).

    I noticed it a couple of days ago. It does not apear to be tender or painful (she still lets me scratch her under her chin). It's as if she has a swollen gland? She is able to eat and chew her cud, although I did notice this morning when I was paying especially close attention, that she makes a sound sometimes when she swallows (like if you were to gulp or "swallow hard") and she does cough occasionally. Her temperature is normal (101 degrees). She is up to date on her immunizations (yearly CD&T) and I worm her regularly (weekly) with the herbal wormer sold through Hoegger's Goat Supply.

    She does have laryngitis, but I thought it was due to her being tubed about 6 weeks ago when she was sick and we almost lost her. She got into the chicken scratch when her stall was left unlatched (I broke my leg that day and the stall got left open in the confussion). We got back from the hospital and there she was standing out in the barn aisle and had obviously helped herself to the grain. I had to stay in the house (because of my leg) and so my husband was in charge of the goats and said she seemed fine until the next night when she was refusing food (I had told him to withhold grain for a couple of feedings, just in case).

    Anyway, long story short...she ended up getting REALLY sick to the point of foundering (he couldn't even MAKE her stand up). The vet had us tube her with mineral oil (my daughter, who has worked extensively with dairy cows, came and did this part for us) and gave her banamine injections until she pulled through and expelled the grain.She has seemed fine, except for the ongoing laryngitis (which I put down to the tubing).

    I'm not sure what is causing all this...do goats have glands under their chins? What would cause the swelling? I've tried to look it up on the internet, but all I come up with is stuff like goiter (she gets kelp as a top dressing on her grain, so she shouldn't be low on iodine), or abcesses (she's never had one before, and wouldn't an abcess be really sore and hot, with a fever?).

    I feed her Excell goat feed (14% protein) along with alfalfa and free choice grass hay. She also gets baking soda on the grain and I put a swig of apple cider vinegar in her water bucket every day. She is milking fine (although the amount is about half of what I was getting before she foundered). I left her alone for a about three weeks after she got so sick to let her body rebound, so I'm not sure if her milk production will ever get back up to normal.

    Right now all I have is her and her 14-week-old doeling, but I am planning on adding a couple of new milking does and one baby this coming weekend. I just sold her other kid (a wether) along with another doe and her two kids last weekend. Any ideas or suggestions? Is it just sore and swollen from the tubing episode? Should I just keep an eye on it for a few more days? Has anyone heard of this kind of thing before?

    Kris Erickson
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    Nov 4, 2004
    an abscess doesn't has to be warm or sensitive. it depends on the cause. it could be an abscess from a bad tooth. before you bring new animals to your farm it would be a good idea to have that lump tested.


  3. Misty

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    May 28, 2005
    this could be a CL lump. Very contagious. It will start loosing hair when it is about to burst. You can lance it, make sure and wear gloves.. Once it is on your property...it is in the dirt. They can get internal abcesses on their organs too.
  4. rhjacobi

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Hi Kris,

    It may be bottle jaw, which is the result of parasites. I would have a fecal sample tested to prove or eliminate this possibility. If it is parasites, the test will let you know which type of parasite and you will be able to determine which wormer to use.

    I hope that this helps.

    Lynchburg, TN.