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I have a Landrace feeder that's 45lbs. I have noticed that she has got sunburn so bad that her ears have scabbed over and she had some blisters on her back. I have been putting water Proof spf 50 sunscreen on her and made there mud hole bigger. They have plenty of shade and water. She came from an indoor breeder so this is her first week outside. Is there any thing else i can do for her? And will her skin toughen up in time?
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she will probly be o.k. . you have done about all you can, shade ,mud, sunscreen you got it pretty well covered> Thanks Marc
It will heal. Provide a wallow and shade. The mud is better than commercial sunscreen. Being an indoor pig she's going to need some time to acclimate. Being a white pig it is harder. Time will take care of it.


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