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Sulmet? Sick chicks.

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I picked up some Sulmet for my obviously sick chickens, about 8 weeks old. The bottle says not to use on egg producing chickens. Well, obviously they are too young yet to produce eggs, but they will. There is no listed withdrawal period for use on egg chickens, although they say 10 days for flesh producing animals.
Question. Does the Sulmet leave residue in the undeveloped cluster of egg yolks? Will their eggs ever be safe to eat?
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They should be ok. 8 week old birds don't have yolks developing yet. By the time they do, it should all be out of their systems.
Thank you :)
BTW, what age do they develop the yolks?
I've never seen a timeline for that, but I would think 20-30 days before they start to lay. If you've ever butchered (or did a post mortem on) a hen that was in lay, there are sometimes that many tiny yolks waiting their turn.
We counted the yolks once on butchering day, well the boy did. :rolleyes:
There were 36. :)
That's a lot of eggs!

When I've seen the ovary of a hen in lay, most of the yolks were extremely tiny. That means they couldn't have contained very much in the way of "contaminants" such as antibiotics.
I read somewhere to toss the eggs for two weeks-so you should be okay.
Well, they are keeling over one by one. Looks like the males are holding on the best. Guess it won't be an issue, this time around. :(
awwww :( So sorry for your loss. It is hard to watch them suffer! Bless you!
Thanks shellybean. I feel like an idiot for not catching it sooner.
Stick with the silkie chicks had a bad case of cocci when they arrived from Ideal. I had to repeat the dosage a few times, but everyone made it.
Hopefully you can save the rest...sorry.
Dazlin, they couldn't have come from the hatchery with it. They had to have picked it up after arrival. They may have come with bacterial enteritis, however.
Cyng, Ohhh that's very interesting. Anyway, they were placed in a large clean brooder in my garage, I put fresh paper towels for the bedding, and saw bloody poop all over. (this was back in Oct.) The sulmet surely helped...but I let Ideal know about it. However, they said they use something other than Sulmet, as they feel that is too hard on them. I used it anyway, and everyone made it.
I also wrote to the feed manufacturer of the medicated chick starter to see if it was fresh. They gave me a lot # to that was ok too. Thanks for the I will look up bacterial enteritis...and the learning goes on!
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