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suggestions for good all-purpose breeds for newbie?

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IF I were to get some sheep for meat, milk, and wool, what would be good breed that would be easy to handle, feed, and care for in a cold, northern climate?

Locally I know I can get icelandics and shetlands but I don't know much about them except that shetlands are not a great meat breed (small carcass).

Would be feeding family and pets with the meat and hopefully using the milk for same. Wool could be sold or I may learn ANOTHER hobby! :baby04:
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Icelandics, in particular, may need some copper. So that is definitely something to research. There have been conversations about it on Icelandic groups I'm on. And a breeder in our area had a necropsy done on a lamb that died. It showed severe copper deficiency. Since then, she has been adding copper to their feed and it has eliminated some problems she has had. I'm still trying to learn more about this issue, since it's the exact opposite of everything I've read about sheep. But apparently, Icelandics maybe the exception to the no copper rule.
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