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suggestions for good all-purpose breeds for newbie?

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IF I were to get some sheep for meat, milk, and wool, what would be good breed that would be easy to handle, feed, and care for in a cold, northern climate?

Locally I know I can get icelandics and shetlands but I don't know much about them except that shetlands are not a great meat breed (small carcass).

Would be feeding family and pets with the meat and hopefully using the milk for same. Wool could be sold or I may learn ANOTHER hobby! :baby04:
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Icelandics are known for being the triple purpose breed - meat, milk and wool. And being, well, from Iceland, they do well in cold, northern climates. that's why you see a lot of them in Mass, Vt, NH, etc.

They are great browsers - put our goats to shame in their ability to chow down on scrub. There are some really good sites with info on Icelandics, just google them.
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