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Substitutes for bleach

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DH and I recently bought a front-loading washing machine. We really like it but we cannot use bleach in this machine. We have fairly hard water and were wondering what we can use to brighten our clothes. I'm thinking along the lines of Borax. Any suggestions?
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we have the same problem. I've been told about a product called "iron out" but don't know where to get it . All our clothes are turning orange, meanwhile. :)
Why can't you use bleach? My front loader (Frigidaire) has a dispenser for it, but I don't use it. I just dilute it and throw it down the soap dispenser after the water is in and it's agitating.
It's a Bosch and the instructions say never to use bleach in the machine. I think it has something to do with the rubber gasket but I'm really not sure.
My wife makes this all of the time along with other natural cleaning products. Works great. If you're washing white socks, just let 'em soak for a while.

2 Cups Hydrogen Peroxide (cheaper the better)
1-1/4 to 1-1/2Cups Lemon Juice (use the real stuff if you can)
12 cups of Water
oh, and you may want to use distilled water as well......
I don't know if iron out works but I know where to find it. I usually run into it with the cleaning supplies at the grocery. Its there with the brasso and bar keepers friend. Try Walmart, Kmart, the local hardware store, TSC, Rural King, etc. I think I will try the recipe tho, thanks for posting it.
The very best oxygen bleach out there is from Natural Choices. I have used it for the last 3 years for whitening my laundry. Dont use oxygen bleach on silk or wool.

For hard water and more whitening power Calgon is wonderful. Calgon can be hard on rubber. Calgon is a boxed water softner and can be found in some grocery stores.

I have found it best to do a overnight soak in hot water or at least an hour.

Our clothes know last much longer now that we dont use bleach.

Mrs Whodunit
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Bleach doesnt help with rust in your clothes. That is what is turning your clothes orange.

Wink is a good product to use to keep rust off your clothes, it cleans your washer as well. BUT if bleach is bad for the machine I would think any of the suggested alternates may be bad as well.

To whiten your clothes blueing is best. There are I am sure many brands available at any grocery store or super whatever mart. Its usually on the top shelf in the laundry isle. It is fairly cheap and only takes a few drops per wash load.
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