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  1. Hello,
    I planted strawberries for the first time this year in my garden. They started off good, getting perhaps 20 berries from 10 plants. Then all of a sudden they stopped producing. They are spreading all over the garden and I've trimmed them back but was wondering if I should pull them up or wait.
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    June bearing give out after about a month but produce well. Ever bearing spit out a few over a longer period of time. I'm assuming you have the 1st like I do. (Mine are done and over with.) If you've got the 1st, trimming won't help them produce more this season. Sounds like they're making runners so grab your new plants for next year. I use a bent paper clip to hold them in small pots of soil, cut them off from mama when their "cord" dies back then plant them at the same level as in pots. Next year you'll have more plants--hope you have the space!

    I rescued 12 neglected plants this year but, for reasons beyond my control, am down to 5 or . Next year? 30 at least I'll bet.


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    Strawberrys are not an annual plant. What you set out this year will be in full production next year. Keep the weeds and grass out of them all summer, and be ready to have more berries next year. The vines they put out are the runners that take root and make more plants. These new plants will be giving you berries next year. You can just move the new runners back along side the row if they are spreading too far out. The picking season for June berrys which are the best producers will only last about 10 days. Everbearers have a few berrys now and then all summer.
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    For first year plants I pinch off all flowers and runners letting the plants energy go to root production. Bigger plants and more berries the next year..It was a good strawberry(shortcake) season here... Tom who is waiting for some Fairfax Plants.....
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    Tom is right, you need to pinch off the flowers and runners the first year. We raise strawberries for our farm stand, this has been a great year...Joan :)