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Straw Bales for Trailer insulation???

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We currently live in a mobile home and last winter we had an awful time with our water pipes freezing up... Basically we were miserable...
Well we just got a new trailer and before we put the skirting on I was thinking it might be a good idea to put straw bales underneath it all the way around. Does anyone know of any pros or cons of this idea?? Or any other suggestions to keep the pipes from freezing?
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Regular insulation batting, with plastic sheeting tacked inside of that for vapor barrier. Please do not put flammable material under the house! Especially if you have hot water pipes, a furnace or hot water heater, or even forced air ducting under there. Big fire hazard!

Button up all the air leaks and add a combination of heat trace tape and pipe insulation to the piping that seems to freeze most often. In a lot of trailers, that is at or near the kitchen sink. and the line leading to the bathroom(s) and usually the outdoor spigot too.

And get ambitious, spend some extra dollars and effort, and replace that old copper tubing with PEX instead.....but insulate as well. Every dollar you spend in insulation will be money saved in heating bills, might even pay for itself the first winter.
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