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Straw Bales for Trailer insulation???

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We currently live in a mobile home and last winter we had an awful time with our water pipes freezing up... Basically we were miserable...
Well we just got a new trailer and before we put the skirting on I was thinking it might be a good idea to put straw bales underneath it all the way around. Does anyone know of any pros or cons of this idea?? Or any other suggestions to keep the pipes from freezing?
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For the cold months I put up those 2 inch thick 4 by 8 Styrofoam sheets all the way around. On the North side I do 2 thick so that is 4 inches of those sheets, Works Great in this WI. climate I have not frozen up yet in 10 years and that is sometimes at 40 Below Zero. Then in the spring I take them down store them and use them year after year after year. MUCH better then having to MESS with Straw bales and the Mess they create ~!
Added: What a difference that makes on the floor temps too for the most part I just wear socks on my feet in the winter vary rarely have to have slippers or shoes on. Nice and Toasty.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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