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strange hoof question

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Yesterday my daughter and I trimmed hooves.

On twin Nubians which are two and a half years old, three of their feet were normal and one wasn't. Their left front foot the sole(or soft inner part) was hard and there was no telling the difference between the outer hoof wall that you trim and the frog. It was also very difficult to start trimming as there was no place to start, I had to shave away at the edge to get a place to start.

It is very dry here and they are on loose minerals and are in the process of drying up. One kidded in June, the other in July.

Does anyone have any idea what we are dealing with? :shrug: None of the other four does or the one buck had this issue.
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Could it possibly be the hoof wall on one side has overgrown and wrapped around the bottom? I've had this happen on a couple of my Shetland sheep. The only place I can find an edge to get started is at the very back of the foot.
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