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strange bite or sting on my arms??

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This evening I worked in the garden, pulling corn, picking tomatoes, okra and I pulled two watermelons. I wear leather gloves that come up above my wrists. I shucked the corn and put the okra in the freezer, went to get a shower and noticed I have two 'bites'-one on each wrist! The one on my left hand is the size of a dime (an almost prefect circle)there is a small raised area about the size of an okra seed cut in half, then a light pink color with in a darker outer ring. It does not hurt, burn or itch! The right arm is much smaller but is the same type of bite--still no hurt/burn/itch.. I thought it might be a 'spine' from the okra stuck in my arm. I haven't really messed with them. I washed them and put antibodi cream on them.. Anyone ever have something like this. It is strange there is no itching, burning, hurting. Queen Bee
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Our okra has a HUGE spider living it - I try to avoid him. I figure he's helping me out. I can see his web, and occasionally have to mess it up a little to get to an okra or two, but I cant see the spider itself.

He makes a funnel almost, and gets way down in it? Anyone know what kind of spider makes a funnel web? Something deadly poisonous no doubt. :rolleyes: :p

Those darn okra spines sure do make me itch!
Well... that sure looks a lot like his web - one time I saw him a little before he moved down deeper in to the funnel and he looked bigger and a darker brown than the spider in the first pic. But, I bet that is what he is.

How's your welts QB?
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