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strange bite or sting on my arms??

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This evening I worked in the garden, pulling corn, picking tomatoes, okra and I pulled two watermelons. I wear leather gloves that come up above my wrists. I shucked the corn and put the okra in the freezer, went to get a shower and noticed I have two 'bites'-one on each wrist! The one on my left hand is the size of a dime (an almost prefect circle)there is a small raised area about the size of an okra seed cut in half, then a light pink color with in a darker outer ring. It does not hurt, burn or itch! The right arm is much smaller but is the same type of bite--still no hurt/burn/itch.. I thought it might be a 'spine' from the okra stuck in my arm. I haven't really messed with them. I washed them and put antibodi cream on them.. Anyone ever have something like this. It is strange there is no itching, burning, hurting. Queen Bee
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I don't know about Okra, but the worst casualty I had was working around with rose bushes and got a thorn jabbed into a finger joint. It swelled and hurt like the devil and got so bad I couldn't move that finger at all, and had to have it treated with a visit to the doctor eventually which sounds crazy, but true. :eek:

If I get some irritation on the skin nowdays from a bug bite or some plant making me very itchy (such as nettles), I rub some tea tree oil on it to sooth and it helps to heal also. But, I don't know if that will work in your case.
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