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Stovepipe question

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Can double wall insulated pipe be compromised if it has gone through a chimney fire or 2? We have double insulated pipe and we have had a couple of chimney fires in the past. We just wondered if this compromises the safety of the pipe at all. Thanks for any help.
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Take it apart in the summer and inspect it.

No woodfire get exceed the 2500 degrees needed to melt steel. At worst it may cause the steel to begin rusting. So it may go from a 40 year lifespan to only another 10 years.

Take it apart, clean and inspect every summer.

We use single-wall stove pipe here.

We have had a number of creosote fires in our stove-pipe. It still works fine.

I take it apart every summer, clean, inspect and reassemble it.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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