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Stove pipe questions

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I am planning my wood stove location in my new house-

how far does an un insulated stove pipe have to be from a ceiling and also for a wall?

Where the pipe passes through a wall or ceiling does it have to be the insulated type of pipe?

thank you for the help.

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ET1 SS said:
I think that we are 'safe'.

I ran our eight inch stove pipe, single walled right straight through our steel roof. I used a single-walled thimble.

I did it right at the peak, where one side slant meats the other side's slant. A eight inch diameter hole cut in the steel sheet metal. The flashing was hammered to conform to both pitches, and I pop-riveted it in place.

There is no combustible material for 20 foot in any of the four directions of a compass. The closest combustible material would be the wood floor, 14 foot underneath the spot where the stove pipe goes through the roof. But that floor [directly underneath the wood stove] is covered by a pad of concrete.

I poured a eight foot by eight foot pad of black stained concrete that the wood stoves sits on.

How do you clean your stovepipe/chimney? Do you clean it from the top or from the bottom? Can you easily walk on your metal roof to clean it?
I was wondering how slippery the metal was. How far apart are your trusses? What supports the metal between trusses and what is the distance? I guess with a 1/10 roof pitch it isn't very steep. I would say you are better with high snow load. I traveled thru Missouri right after the big storm in the mid west. I saw quite a few metal buildings like yours that had collapsed from the snow load. These were store bought like yours not home engineered like many.
How did you support your chimney?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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