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  1. Remember the old website called run by Xenia Arrick?
    It changed hands awhile ago and went all pc.
    Anyway, on the old site there was a rather long story about an incident in Russia involving a man who debated with communist officials about religion, using bees as his argument for the existence of God.
    I'd like to read it again but I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody have a reference, author, or a link?
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    Hey, I love your username......quite cute! LOL!!!

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    Nov 23, 2004
    Can't tell you about the Russian debate, etc. But our preacher once had a message that included info on bees -- it's really remarkable. I remember this much: the "waggle dance". When a bee returns to the hive, it communicates to the other bees about where it has found a field of blosssoms with nectar, by doing a dance. It orients itself to the outside world by doing a different motion for each different compass direction and distance. Otherwise, their sense of direction would be useless inside the dark hive.
    When you consider how bees work together, how essential they are to plant fertilization, how they care for the young, it's hard to credit it to anything but the intelligent, wise and loving God. If only we all got along that well. I don't know about the queen business, though.
    A few seasons ago some kind of mite nearly killed all the bee hives off here in Indiana. A lot of people never even knew about it. But beekeepers had to import new hives, and all types of plants nearly lost their harvest that year.
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    Apr 16, 2004
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    I wonder if he was talking about symbiotic relationships.

    Which came first, the honey bee which needs pollen-bearing plants, or pollen-bearing plants which need honey bees?

    I believe it is one of the arguments for creationism or intelligent design.