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Storing Chain Saws???

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:) I could find nothing in the instructions about this so I will ask the experts. I like to store my tools by hanging them up on the sides of the carport. Can I do this with the chainsaw or should I store it flat? Thanks...LQ
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If it's long-term storage it wouldn't make any difference, because you should drain all the fuel from the tank and run the engine until the settling bowl and carb are dry of fuel.

That should always be done if you're not going to use the saw for several months or more.

Otherwise, between jobs I'd leave the chainsaw flat on its bottom. Many chainsaws have a tendency to leak fuel if not stored like that. It's also possible for raw fuel to run into the cylinder if stored otherwise.
:) Thanks Case! I will get out there and rescue that saw right now! LOL

Appreciate it...... LQ
as usual, case is 199% correct - only other thing you might watch out for is that some saws will leak bar oil over a long period of time - also, if it will be hanging in warmer weather, keep it in a plastic bag or something to keep the mud daubers out
Yeah, I forgot to mention the bar oil leaks, which are actually much more common than fuel leaks and can really make a mess.

I owned a lot Homelites when they were good little saws and everyone of them leaked oil when not in use.

When I started buying Stihls the oil leaks stopped. Never had a Stihl leak a drop of oil just sitting around.

Another thing I might mention, LQ, is to keep that air cleaner CLEAN -- can't stress that too much.

Besides keeping the chain tight, especially after it warms up and expands, a clean air filter is the most important part of running a chainsaw (aside from not severing your foot or leg).

Dirty air cleaners will cause small engines to run rich. Then someone starts dorking around with the carb and leaning it out so it runs better.

Much of that and the engine will run so hot it simply galls up the piston on the cylinder walls and destroys the engine, virtually always beyond repair.

And Joan is absolutely right about the mud daubers. They'll ignore the eaves and all the other nooks and crannies and zero right in on piece of equipment. It's amazing how small a crack they can get into and set up housekeeping.
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If ya got a pole holding up the carport then use the power saw to bore a hole in it and leave it sitting up in the air out of the way..... sort of like the way most of the professionals leave em in the woods so they can find them the next day after a snow storm around here.....

My husky dont leak oil or fuel and ive had it for over 10 years now..... i spose it is time to get a new power saw one of these years.

No matter whether you leave fuel in or out of the tank, the fuel filter will plug up eventually, so it s a good idea to have a new one on hand if you are not using that power saw all the time. The oil in the mix should keep the fuel stable, but it will stick the needle in a carb if you dont take it out and start it once a month or so, which is kinda what a person should do just to listen to the pretty sound of all that raw horse power as it winds up around 12000 RPM [17000 if you tweak it] and to fell the power surge through your blood.... gives me shivers just thinking about it...... of course i ran my saw over the weekend I cut up a few pieces of wood for the woodstove from some lodgepole i got for furniture making that I culled out.

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:) Thanks Ya'll! Appreciate it. It's nice to know what's happening..or could h happen...and the reason's why. You are so right about the mud daubers..mason bees too. I try and provide homes for them but they still love plugging up the electrical outlets in the car port! LOL and I'm sure they'd just love the chain saw!

Thanks again, LQ
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