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I have been stockpiling for a while now, we have a small house and now I am running out of room!! What do I do?? I do not want to quit. How do I store stuff when I have run out of cabinet space, closets, underbeds, etc.
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Get creative?
raise your beds up on cinderblocks and store under them. Use bedskirts to cover the blocks.

move your couch out from the wall 6-12 inches and store behind there - put a board on the top so you can make it look like a table.

Use buckets or boxes as end tables/bedside tables - cover them with cloths.

There is 4" or so behind every open door. Build some shelves there to put canned goods.

Get rid of every non-essential item
Hanging shoe posket organizer things work great. Use on inside one doors, linen closet, door to basement, etc.

We have several:
Linen closet holds toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, lotion, shampoo, etc, etc stockpile.
Between shower liner and curtain holds shampoo, conditioner, brushes, lotion, face wash, hair cae products, deodorant, etc.
On door to basement - Rice A roni boxes, granola bars, bagged rice/ beans, seasoning packets, etc, etc.
On back door - Gardening gloves, handy tools, cayanne for the garden, ice scraper, misc stuff.

This frees up other areas to store various things.
I firmly believe in having a large pantry, maybe 6 months or so of food and other necessities on hand. But honestly, if things get so bad that you would actually need supplies for longer than that, I don't think anyone has a snowball's chance in hell of hanging on to them. You're better off investing in renewable resources (water, meat, milk, eggs, fruit and veggies).
Get kitchen cabinets and add them along the ceiling in all the rooms :)
Get kitchen cabinets and add them along the ceiling in all the rooms :)
ECHO ECHO ECho ECho echo echo.......

sorry couldnt resist:help:

I'm curious as to what it is you're stockpiling that you're running out of room. I have about 8 months of foodstuffs and medicines in about 200 square foot of space.
If your kids have individual bedrooms you can make them share a room and devote a bedroom to storage. I've also seen someone use an extra bathroom (in a big house with 3 bathrooms) as a big closet.

PS, if you devote an entire bedroom to storage, you may be able to free up room elsewhere in the house--you know organize stuff better.
Let me send you my address so that you can store items in my house. :D

I second the hanging shower organizers between shower curtain and liner. I have 4 hanging up and it is working great. I am gonna get 2 more (I think) to hang up also as I think there is enough room for them.
All I can recommend is become very creative in how you store it all....

I agree with Ernie... what are stockpiling and for how many people? We have 4 in our household and it doesn't take much room. We even have hundreds of pounds in rice, beans and wheat (all things that we eat on a daily basis and gets rotated out without any issues) and the 5 gal buckets don't take up that much space. Do you have problems with rodents? What is your climate like (where do you live)? Have you read Alan's Prepping Guide? (absolutely the most comprehensive guide in print and worth every moment you spend reading it).
If you are storing a lot of things with water in them, like canned veggies, canned soups, etc, you may want to go to more of the dry, dense foods like wheat berries, rice, beans, dried fruits and veggies.
I agree with the space problem. We have everything in about 72 sqaure feet of space for 7 people. I don't stock more than 3 months worth of paper products, instead I have cloth alternatives for use if needed.

One thing you can do is use the space at the top of closets. My dad's house has doors for up there, but you could put in upper shelves for things. Also the area under the hanging clothing can be used. If you want to hide it, use rubber maid tubs & top food stuffs with a layer of out of season clothing or shoes. Label as clothing.

My Grandma put her extras under the table along the wall. All she had to do was to move out the table to easily reach it. I had one friend that gave up her kitchen chairs, used 5 gallon buckets with a round piece of plywood covered in foam for toppers & covered with material & skirts. Those worked great for kid seats. They also work for foot stools (3 gallon are better height for these).

My dad would use old freezers on the back porch as storage. You can padlock them for safety.
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I put two pantries in the front room. We have a small room, and we store things my kids will actually FIX and EAT, so that a lot of the time, it means canned on sale when it is a loss leader.

I use the linen closet, the space above and beside the toliet for shampoo and cleaners etc... I use underbed. My son has a captains bed under which is stocked full. I have a hall closet that has out bug out bags, tent and sleeping bags, as well as water in it.

I have used the space behind books and movies for #10 cans of dried food.
Basically I have made room where there is none, and used what room we have.
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