stinky goat pelt(boy)

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  1. I am curing a beautiful winter goat pelt but even after soaking it in tanning solution it still has that boy goat smell. not just a little but you can smell it at 30 paces. How do I get the smell out? Please!!!!! In the state of Misery(Mo.)
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    We use a wonderful product (for our dogs) it is a shampoo...Supra Odor Control Pet Shampoo. It Eliminates skunk and unpleasant odors. It is soap and detergent free. I get mine from Jeffers over the web at
    My husband does carpets and upholstery for a living and he said this should work for you. His cleaning product work a lot the same way with no soaps or detergents. Check it out, they have an online catalog and you can request a paper catalog via snail mail. Hope this helps.


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    You may get used to the smell.
    After all, the goat did.
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    How did you tan the hide? Alum. Sulphate? How ever you tanned it your problem is with the natural oils in the pelt. Most animals especially coons, goats etc.. after skinning and fleshing emerse the hide in one of several things. You can use white gas(coleman fuel) kerosene, or plain old gasoline. After youy plunge the hide several times most of the oils will have been removed. Rinse the skin well. You may have to repeat the process. After it has been well degreased, go back over the flesh side of the skin with your draw knife to really squegee(sp) the remaining oils and water out. Once it has been degreased and wrung out good, make a strong borax solution and emerse the skin in it and hand wash it very well, this may take a change of solution or two. then continue on with the tanning process that u have chosen. After the hide has been tanned and you are wringing it out and softening it(breaking) I like to take the powdered borax and work that into the fur(once the pelt has been completely worked and is now completely dry.) Leave this on awhile then shake out. Save all that powdered borax to use next time. Borax is a little expensive. But not to pricey, no use in wasteing money. That will take care of your problem. Don't be shy when washing the hide in gas or the borax really get down in there and scrub hard, work every inch and then do it again. Have fun. Use bear grease, or neats foot on the leather as a softener.

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