STILL waiting - anyone ever induced?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by cjb, May 26, 2006.

  1. cjb

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    May 2, 2006
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    The last time my does could have been exposed to the buck basically makes them due today. They have been displaying signs for a week and a 1/2 at least so I'm puzzled. I did see more white stuff come out yesterday so.. who knows.

    My problem is - I am scheduled to fly out of town this Tuesday for 4 days. if they have not delivered by then, I'm convinced it will happen while I'm gone which I really don't want.

    The local breeder that said she would check on them is now suggesting that she come out and give them a hormone shot that puts them in labor within 24-36 hours. She mentioned that you CANNOT get this stuff on your skin because it can make you very sick etc.

    Does anyont know what this stuff is and have you used it? Would be nice to ensure that the girls are done before I leave.

    I'm a little worried about the one doe because I could feel a baby last night but no movement at all so .. :( hope its ok!

    Both does are due, both have sunken sides, holding their tails funny bla bla bla
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    Is today day 150? Goats usually kid between day 145 and day 155. I know what hormone she is taking about, can't think of the name, sorry, mind just went blank. Starts with an L. (Lute?) If they are holding their tails funny now, give them a chance tonight and Saturday and Sunday to kid on their own. Maybe Sunday night, induce if you are SURE of the dates. But give them a last chance this weekend. Or at least the first part of the weekend. My opinion.

  3. susanne

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    Nov 4, 2004
    i think what your friend was talking about is lutalyse. yes it is a hormone that will produce labor in about 36 hours. if the doe is close to her due date it might be a little bit earlier. pregnant woman shold not handle this becaus the danger of abortion. it would be very important to know the due date from your doe or the kids will be way too early and you are at risk losing them.
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    Hate to be the doom sayer. I know there have been a few times on this board, where the does were acting like this was it, then quit. Only to find out the kids were either mispositioned or too big & died in utero.

    I guess, make sure that your dates are absolute, then go with your gut. If you're gone & they deliver or have problems, is your wife willing to help her? What backup plan do you have? Induce now, babies are full term & fine. (I think induction still can take up to 48 hours). Or induce & babies are a little premature & need human care & nursing?

    Hard question to answer. I know around here I'm in charge of all livestock care, hubby only helps if I really, really need it. I milked & tubed my last kid all night long, by myself. Not too hard really, but would your wife do it?

    Good luck, I hope all turns out well for you & your goats.
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    Sep 25, 2005
    We had to have our pygmy doe induced at the end of April.She was exactly 145 days when we induced her.My vet gave us what is called prostin and we injected it into the muscle and the vet said that it would take about 32 hours,she ended up freshing exactly 32 hours and 15 minutes later.

    I would not reccomend that you induce her for your conviences and most goats do just fine freshing without our help.I had a first time freshner give birth to quads last week and she did it all on her own,I came home from work and all of the kids are on the ground,she did end up rejecting 3 of them tho but they are all doing great as bottle babies on their own momma's milk and my friends nubian milk.

    We only induced ours for the fact that she kept prolapsing and we HAD to be present at birth for the safety of our doe and her kids.I would just see if the breeder would just either take her for the time that you are gone or if she would just come and check on her.

    Are her ligaments gone?I have had does loose their plugs a month before they freshen.

    good luck kids are so fun to have around.