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Still got a house for rent------in Ozarks

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Located in MO Ozarks, it would make a nice place for a couple to just get away from it all and live cheap amist the trees, deer and turkey. Hunting rights included. Fireplace with a good supply of downfall timber free for the cutting. part basement, good size shed, small garden spot, one car garage, new York brand heatpump. 2 br, super nice kitchen, range with hood, fridge, 4 ceiling fans, attic fan, vaulted ceiling in livingroom, steps to attic storage. Power bill runs 100 to 120 month. 13 miles to town, 90 minutes to Branson, 40 to Lake of the Ozarks. 25 to Trout fishing. Woops--forgot to mention---all the free organinc matter you need for the garden. (cow manure) Free initial garden tilling with tractor rototiller. All for a mere----$375 a month. Now how can you beat it??? (ok---I know I'm out of control) For photos----
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Farmer Brown, I looked at the photos.What a nice house! And the rent is really, really cheap. I myself am not looking. Still have two more years working up here.
Gee folks, must be somone out there? What a great retirement home!
Good luck Farmer Brown. It will go fast. Sheeplady in cold, frigid New York :(
Where is it? I'm looking to buy actually. In St. Louis now.
I'm located in Dallas county, if you happen to have your map handy. Dallas county? We have a total of 3 stoplights in the entire county--if that tells you anything. But it seems we are getting more people moving in everyday. Taxes are fairly cheap--as taxes go, and services won't break you up. But the catch is--if your looking for good employment. School system is the biggest employer. Most people wanting to bring home more that 7 or 8 dollars an hour make the hour drive to Springfield. FB
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