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  1. I live in Tasmania, Australia. We are raising 14 Fresian/Holstein steers now aged 22 months. One of them has, what looks like to me as warts. They started on his face and have spread there and now have appeared on his neck. Other than his warts he appears healthy, is eating well and growing. None of the others seem to be affected.
    If I were to treat them what would be my options? Is it OK just to leave them untreated? Will having warts decrease his value at sale?
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    The warts usually are only on the neck and head. They will go away in a few months. I bought some holstien steers that were around 400 lb. They only had a few early in the spring when I got them. There were 5 in the warty group, and they all got a bunch of warts soon after I brought them home. They were all cleared up when I was ready to sell them in the fall. I was told they are contagious. They don't hurt the animals health much, and they can treat them, but unless you are going to show them, it isn't worth while. I wouldn't think they should hurt the sale later on.

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    Remember that beauty is only skin deep. :haha:
    I wouldn't let my steers reproduce if they had warts. :no:

    Seriously, a buyer will do anything to knock a few cents off the price of a beef. Just hold them a while and the skin Brail will pass.

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    Do a search with on "Bovine Papilloma" and "Bovine Papiloma". It's just exactly like human warts. Not good for breeding cows - which steers aren't no way no how. Otherwise pretty trivial in an animal with a limited lifespan.

    Oh, yes - I like the site too - as you might guess from my number of posts. What's a little more about where and who? I have a few acquaintances down there - Hobart mostly, but some round Launceston, and one of my cousins lived in Queenstown for a few years. Maybe you could register and put some info up on your profile like I have?

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    as 5 gen farmers old motor oil use a paint brush, brush on wart a few time olllllllaaaaaa gone:)
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    They do just disappear after a few months, my dexter steer had them. There is a shot that I think you can give calves to stop them getting warts (for future reference) but doesn't do any good to give it one they have them. Sometimes the cow will break them open and they can attract flies, so just spry them with a spray for wounds if that happens. They are ugly though aren't they??