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Discussion in 'Sheep' started by russellsmom, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Nov 13, 2002
    I was wondering if anyone has ever kept a steer and ram together in the same pasture? I wouldn't even think of doing this, but for some reason my two ewes think the world of that steer. The day they came home they admired him from across the fence, when they were finally released into the same pasture he was in they were so happy to be with him. Apparently the feeling is mutual. The steer has never so much as nudged them away from even his food bowl (he only gets crimped oats and cracked corn, mostly just as a snack since everyone else gets something in the mornings now so it's okay if the sheep snag some of his food). When they lay down in the barn, all three are usually snuggled up to one another.
    I was planning on separating the steer and the ram, but I do wonder if they'd get along okay together.
    I have no idea what those two ewes will do when it's time to butcher that steer this winter. I'm not even sure they'd be happy with a ram, that they might try to get back in with the steer if they're separated which is part of the reason I'm asking if the ram might possibly get along with the trio.
    Now the goats I have are not allowed to get within 3 feet of the steers food bowl. In their cases, gender doesn't matter. Any goat is an enemy to him, be it a buck, wether, or doe, he'll not go out of his way to hurt them, but he won't put up with anything from them either. The goats did that to themselves though, they bullied him when he was a tiny tyke and he never forgot that.
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    May 9, 2002
    Companion grazing is a very common practices, the steer and ram likely wouldn't be a problem, still conflicting personalities are always a possability.

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    We had our sheep and horse together all summer. then the Cows (about 50) Sheep, and horse together till about 2 months ago...(lambing and cows...dont really much mud!) So it will work. Our horse is so attated to the sheep...he just go bonkers when we get them in to check on the lambing progress! GOOD LUCK!