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  1. We plan to put a steel roof on the house we are fixin to build. The house will be a pole barn framed out of steel, with 2" square tubing trusses for the roof and maybe 1-1/2" square tubing as perlin (over the trusses) on 24" centers. I know you have to put down decking, then felt paper (moisture barrier), then the steel. Since OSB is so high right now, does anyone know of a cheaper alternative? We can screw the roofing steel directly to the square tubing so I guess we just need something that will hold up the roofing felt that doesn't cost so much.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    wait a minute theres a better product than felt use a ceramic roof coating it lasts , and goes on as a 2 part mix you apply just like roof coating, or for the price use alumi-seal roof coating instead. a big cash savings to boot plus ease of application

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    Debbie, provided you have some pitch on the roof and use roll caulking between the adjoining sheets of corrugated panels you do not have to have anything under the metal.
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    Be aware that metal rooves are prone to have condensation if you live in a high humidity area; also note that metal's price has rescently almost doubled.
  5. I live in Minnesota so your construction method just does not compute at all. Forgive me for applying MN snow & wind & cold standards to _your_ climate, but:

    On a pole shed, you wouldn't need anyfelt or OSB _unless_ there is a moisture issue - which a living quarters would have. Then (again with these MN climates) a little felt paper would not be near enough, you need R-38 or something here..... The pole barn stores have special plastic thin insulation that lays on top of the purloins & just flop the tin on & screw to the purloins. Don't know how that works for a residence tho, it is a low R factor.

    The 2" square tubing would not be anywhere near strong enough. Not even close, I don't know if that would be big enough for the perloins.....

    Tin is real noisy when it rains. Wouldn't want to be in a bunk bed under it! :)

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    I've worked on steel roof buildings where the plastic rapped insulation is placed on and in the purlins, then steel roofing is screwed down on top of that. Its kinda weird to walk on, but meets commercial code. I would agree with the fact that 2" tubing is not for rafters.
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    Put SOMETHING under it!!! Ours leaks every time rain blows from the south. We've tried everything we can think of short of taking the roof off & putting decking & felt paper under it.
    I wish we had done that when it would have been easy!