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I recently got a 38 lb box of lemons.
So far I have sliced and dehydrated 5 trays of lemon.

I just zested 25 lemons and plan on using what is left in my steam juicer. I'm not sure if I need to peel the pith off the lemons or if I can just chuck the whole thing in my steam juicer. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm looking for more ideas on what to do with all these lemons.
So far I have the dehydrated slices, lots of zest, and I'll be making lemonade concentrate.
I plan on starting another batch of asian preserved lemons (steamed, then aged in brine) and some salted preserved lemons.
Manthing has also been making some rather insistent noises about lemoncello and some lemon bars. Even with all that I will have a huge amount of lemons left to process.
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