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    Nov 10, 2002
    right now, I am thinking of sprouting sweet potatoes....
    last year we tried it and they never sprouted... I think it was becasue we had them on the windowsill and it was just too cool.... but with 7 people living in the house, we just dont have a lot of places to sprout them....

    we are in zone 5. We still have possibility of 10 degree weather and ice and snow, although we havent seen much of that yet....

    we have a small well house with a 250 watt heat lamp in it...could I put a couple of jars in there to sprout around March or so? Slip planting time here is May... does it take about 2 months to get them started, ready to plant?

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    May 11, 2002
    Hi don't know if this is right or not but I just set sweet potato whole in a glass bread pan and keep water about half way up . I have a plant stand a set the bread pan up on the top shelf. I do mine later then you but that might be just me?? Sounds like the jars and your well house will work. Is the light on all the time or on a timer? maybe you could test the tempature in ther with onw of the themoters that dose high and low tempature?
    Good Luck sandie

  3. Could be your window area is too cold and that's why last years didn't grow, could also be they were sprayed with hormones to stop them sprouting in storage. You can start them over water but I get mine to grow fine in potting soil. Question I have is in zone 5 do you have a long enough warm soil season to get them to mature?

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