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I've decided to cut back and save myself a little work this winter. I've arranged duos or trios of what I have and will only sell in those combos. They will only be for sale for a limited time and then I will butcher them if I don't sell them. I have the following available:

Black Buck w/ Broken Black Doe (both proven and will throw chocolates) $20
Broken Black Buck w/ 2 Castor Junior Does (Buck proven) $30
Tri Color Buck w/Red Doe (Both proven) $20
Broken Red Buck w/Tri-Color Doe (neither proven) $15
Broken Blue Otter Buck junior w/broken chin junior doe, blue/fawn harlequin junior doe, blue senior doe (blue doe is proven) $40

No pedigrees are going with these pairs. Price is for the group. Pickup only.

Most rabbits have pictures on my website at

Thanks for looking.
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