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Poodles are bird dogs. Each and every dog, including all types of bird dogs, can be trained to leave chickens alone. You must invest the time to train them.

It is much easier and faster to train a dog to leave the poultry alone if you start with a young pup, but all dogs, no matter their age, can be trained to leave the poultry alone.

My son's flushing spaniels, that he shot over regularly, and were fantastic hunters of pheasants, never even looked sideways at my ducks and hens. They had been told, no it wasn't OK and they obeyed the law. None of my German Shepherds, who were hell on rodents, ever looked at the poultry. The family Australian Shepherd, whose job it is to chase the crows away, stays well away from the ducks, geese, and turkeys.

it was explained to t them, in ways that a dog can understand, that the poultry was off limits.

Poodle are quite intelligent and they are cooperative. it should be easy to train a poodle to leave the birds alone
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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