One of the biggest frustrations these days is that internet speeds haven't gone up everywhere. Not everyone has access to high speed being away unless they are a lot closer to their neighbors than I care to be. @Ava posted a thread about AT&T having a Mobley ZTE device that could help this issue, and I knew I had to try it for myself.​

I don't have AT&T cell phone service, but this didn't stop me from ordering it directly from the website. (link). Based on the forum advice, I went with a 2 year contract, paid the $45 activation as well as a credit check vs the $100 purchase the device out right month to month option. I chose the $20 a month package for unlimited data.

With the device ordered, I knew I needed a way to connect the Mobley ZTE to an outlet. Word of warning, if you're trying to connect more than 5 continuous high usage devices, I wouldn't do this. You're going to end up back in Dial Up speed area. Again based on the previous forum knowledge I found the power supply I need on Amazon (link) and eBay (link). Since I could get it via amazon prime delivery, I went that route for the free two day shipping. If you decide to buy one that uses USB instead of a normal plug, to use it in the house you'll need a USB block to plug it into the wall.
So getting everything setup and connected wasn't an issue. However it simply didn't get great signal at my location. Also if you have a spread out ranch style home, you don't really have a way to connect from one end of the house to the other. My speeds varied, but I wasn't able to get above 2mb down at my house. However I took it to my Aunt's house who lives in the eastern side of the state. She was able to easily get speeds of 15 megs and all of her devices she wanted to connect were within 20 feet of each other. She only had one computer and a roku. She's been using it for a little while now, and I hope to follow up with her soon to see if she still enjoys it.

One thing I would check in the future if I were to do something like this again, is the signal. I find I can't trust the direct coverage maps from providers, but instead a 3rd party like the maps from OpenSignal (link) helped me get an idea of what types of speed I might get. The more green I saw near my location, I knew I was likely to get that 20+ mb/s that DSL/Cable.

AT&T could stop this at any time, but for now it works.