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Springfield, Missouri... what do you think of it?

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:help: Considering a move there... Pro's and Con's??????

Thanks! :)
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Even if you get the directions make sure you understand them.. the ole tree or barn may have burnt down a few years before and you should know where it once stood.

Some of these hillbillies dont know north east west or south..
I am a hillbilly too and live in the centeral south part. just 50 miles east of Springfield.

Personally I wouldnt live there but it is good for others. I live in a small town of 552 people so in that respect that i why i like it here.

but we do go to springfield alot... matter of fact got to go see the doc at the hospital next tue..

that is where most of the specialest are in these neck of the woods.

might as well try it out.
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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