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Spring Fever (Pics)

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"Listen to me fool, lean up against that tree trunk and be still. I'll climb up your back, spring off and grab us a leaf each."

"If my daddy could only see how talented I've become"

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Very cute! My little buckling is standing up like the one in the bottom pic. It looks like he's dancing.
LOL. Cute picts. :)

Wondering the % of Nubian / Lamancha on that half eared one?
Hee hee! they are smart! :)
It looks like they are really enjoying those fresh greens!
jblaze the little brown one is 50/50, she's four months old...She's a keeper...Topside
Great pics...made me smile :)
Thanks everyone, it takes 50 photos just to get one worth posting...Glad you like them.
Great pics!:cowboy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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