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Spring breeding

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If a ewe lambs in Dec or Jan will they cycle again by spring ? Even if they are still nursing ? Thanks
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I'm sure some breeds would but not generally. They do cycle just they don't come into heat. Would they have put on condition over the time they were raisign lambs? You could synchronize them and bring them into heat atrificially.
All the ewes are in great condition. They only had singles and get fed very well. I have a young ram running with them so I guess I will see if anything happens . Thanks

Hi, you never know what might happen! We bought back a 3 year old ewe who had never been bred last spring. Our sheep (cheviots) only cycle once a year, the first 2 weeks of March (now!) are always very busy lambing time for us! This ewe surprised us with a lamb on August 31! We never forced a weaning, just left the lamb with the ewe all winter. The last time I observed her lamb nursing I think was November or December. Well, she just had another lamb 2 days ago, so she got herself on schedule with the rest of the flock. I think it really depends on the breed, but when the ewes do go into heat, they tend to all go in at the same time!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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