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Symptoms of Spiritual Crisis /Depression

A typical "dark night"( depression ) series events might be...

Things in life seem to be going along quite smoothly.
Then, unexpectedly...

The individual has a serious life crisis such as career failure,
divorce, a health problem, a serious addiction, financial
collapse, a near death experience, war, 9/11.. etc.
or any combination of such events

At some point the crisis and anguish becomes so intense
she or he drops to the floor and, in a climactic
act of desperation, cries out invoking
God to, help me!

God begins to help immediately... most often in ways
that are contrary to what we expect
(put your seat belt on at this time!)

The crisis usually jump-starts the search for spiritual truth which is often the cause of depressiveness. Each new
insight we discover brings on the death of an old false belief
we've been programmed to accept throughout our lives.
This starts to seriously threaten our ego and a darkness begins...

A severe test of faith begins
that can last for months or years
The most important question you can ask yourself
during a spiritual crisis is... "Can you
believe in God when the night
is the darkest?"

During a dark night crisis you the individual may have any combination or all of the following symptoms:

* Feelings of depression, despair, loneliness
* Loss of energy
* Chronic exhaustion not linked to a physical disorder
* Loss of control over one's personal and/or professional direction in life
* Unusual sensitivity to light, sound and other environmental factors
* Anger, frustration, lack of patience
* Loss of identity, purpose, and meaning to life
* Withdrawal from life's everyday routines
* Feelings of madness and insanity
* A sense of abandonment by God
* Feelings of inadequacy
* Lessened feelings of attachment to family and friends
* Loss of attention span, self-confidence and self-esteem
* Frequent bouts of spontaneous crying and weeping

These symptoms mimic ordinary clinical depression. However, there is a major difference. Spiritual madness is an inner thing between you and God during which deep, rich spiritual growth is occurring. Anti-depressants may rob you of this miraculous (yet painful) experience. Is your path to enlightenment. You are being taught endurance .. To know light.. you must traverse the dark... Be not afraid.

Seek someone who will listen... to you.. for you do have the answers

Just something more to chew on.. Embrace The Journey
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