Spider mites on indoor rose bush

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    Aug 2, 2002
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    Hi guys. I have a problem with spider mites on an indoor minerature rose bush that John gave me for Mother's day last year. I really don't want this plant to die folks. It means so much to me. It was coverd in the little webs and the leaves that where still on it where brittle and starting to wrinkle up.Yesterday I made up some dish soap and water and poured it over the whole plant and then rinsed it all off really good and ran water over the soil really good. But I am wondering if it is enough. Would it help to cut the whole plant back to just a stalk and a few branches until the mites pack up and leave? Any suggestions that might work? I really want to stay away from chemicals as the kids and I are all very sensitive to them. Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give.
    God bless you and yours
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    May 12, 2002
    Mites can be gotten rid of by a good stream of h2o. Make sure you get the underneath of the plant. spray up underneath the leaves. Make sure they are not hiding around the pot. The mites don't live well off the plant.

    The dish soap should work quite well. I would say only spraying from above will miss any that are UNDER the leaves. Get a towel to keep the dirt in and swish the plant in a basin of warm water and soaplike ivory . Repeat in a week if or as needed. Most bug that attack plants will be hard to get rid of unles you treat the underside of the leaves. Eggs are laid on the underside. You may spray off the adults but the eggs will hatch reinfesting the plant again.

    mites also like dry conditions. Hot and dry.