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One of Alan's posts in another topic set me off on this frenzy of searching. I'm getting a little overwhelmed and have too many tabs open in my browser, but I'll post some of what I've found here, close all those danged tabs and search pages, and if I get time later, I'll try to look for more.

For now, here are some interesting findings:


As for the walmart Great Value canned mushrooms, according to this walmart page: the Manufacturer/Distributor is "Vimpex Int".

Some internet searching turned up an exporter in India. I found several references to them on import/export trade sites, and also found this fascinating tidbit:


Here's something I found on another trade site:

Company Name: Grupo Martin Cubero, S.A. de C.V.
Contact: Ing. Carlos Corona A.
Position: Production Manager
Address: Calle 10 de Abril # 44
Col. Gabriel Tepepa
62742, Cuautla Morelos, México
Telephone: (52735) 354-1820 Ext. 109
Fax: (52735) 354-1868
e-mail: [email protected]
Web page:
Description: Martín Cubero initiated operations in Mexico City in 1966 as a small familyowned
company, with the ass of time, adequate management and operation, it became
one of the most important peanut and snack-seeds companies in Latin America. In 1990
the company moved from Mexico City to Cuáutla Morelos (50 minutes away from the
City) and later it purchased a peanut processing and packaging plant in Argentina. The
company processes and packages several peanut and snack-seed products.
Their annual installed capacity processes 80,000 tons of peanuts and seeds. The
company manufactures and packs snack peanuts for Sabritas, Mexico’s largest snack
producer and also sells peanuts in bulk, mainly to export to the U.S.
This company also produces and packs all the peanuts that are consumed in Mexico’s
three largest airlines, in Mexican busses and recently they began manufacturing snacks
for Walmart.
They also produce smashed peanuts that are sold for the cookie maker Gamesa and for
Mc. Donald’s.


Here's a PDF I found at the Affiliated Foods website. It's a list of gluten free Surefine brand foods, HUNDREDS of them listed. The most interesting thing is that they list the company that each particular product comes from: and Shurfine Gluten-free List.pdf

Hey, Surefine tuna comes from Starkist! Some of the instant coffee seems to be from Maxwell House.

Ok, so these aren't country of origin, but it's a start.


Ok, I'll submit my post, and maybe do some more searching later.

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Every can of mushrooms I've ever looked at was from China.

Quit buying the canned ones long, long ago though. They just didn't taste good, like the fresh ones.
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