Sow ready for farrowing, pics

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by beeman97, Aug 15, 2006.

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    ok here she is, i see alot of posts asking about what they should expect to see from a sow when she is getting ready to farrow so i decided to take a few pics of one of our girls who is just a day or 2 away from birthing.

    this is as close as she will let me get at present so it is not a good picture of her vulva but it is as good as i can get u can see she is quite swollen.
    here are 2 pics of 2 different girls that are not pregnant , or i should say they are not close at all to farrowing, 1st is a sow who has had 1 litter & is recently dried up , she is a berkshire & quite a good looking little lady, notice her vulva size, & lack of milk.

    then there is a tamworth guilt who has yet to produce a litter, note she is abit over weight at present( she is on a diet)

    next are a few pics of our pregnant sow from the side showing milk & good decent of her belly. her last litter was 15 & weaned 13 of them,

    Well there she is , & i hope this helps out those interested in seeing what there sow will look like a day or 2 before she farrows. it should be noted though that this is an experienced sow & she shows far more & far sooner then a 1st time guilt will at her 1st farrow.
    Thanks for looking
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    Thank you Beeman for taking the time to post these pics.

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    I also say thanks. Altho I am not raising pigs for anything other than eating, I know that pics like this were invaluable when our first group of dairy Lamancha goats were kidding--or about to!

    Middle TN near Nashville
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    Very good information. Thank you very much!