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  1. I am new at breeding Hogs and what i was wondering is, what to look for when a sow is getting ready to have her litter. If someone could please help me out on this. Thanks
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    May 11, 2002
    Swelling at there behind. When the time is near, their teats will become firm and waxy looking. It is easy to be fooled sometimes. I know several farmers who have farrowing houses. The sows are put in the crates a couple days before they are due, but almost all of them at one time or another have left sows outside because they thought they weren't ready, only to find them with pigs out in the sow pen.

  3. I have asked this same ? just few months ago. All the answers I got where good if you where talking about a few hours before they pig. There hoochie swelled up weeks before and there tits did the same. So I was expecting piggies for several weeks. The day they pigged there milk came in and they got really restless, turned over there feeders rootin in the bedding and stuff like that. So there really is not good way to tell when they will pig a few days out unless you know exactly when she was breed.
    P.S. It was'nt any big deal when they finally came. One pigged in the farrow hut and the other pigged in the open shelter with no problem.
    So don't get all worked up Like I did Those sow know what they are doing.
    Good luck.There aint nothen funner than baby pigs!!!!!!!!!
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    Aug 19, 2002
    I have three litters more experience now than when I last read this question and answered with advice I had received. Uncle Will is right on. I noticed the vulva swelled up ALOT more the day before. It is swollen pretty much for a couple of weeks but the latter swelling is extremely obvious and easilt twice the size of regular swelling. They also slow down considerably the last week. My last one to farrow is a bossy sow but she was very content to let another sow eat out of her bowl instead of fighting with her. They each have a bowl and it is like musical chairs at feeding time. None of my sows have even let out a drop of milk before the farrowing. I had calculated the due dates because I had to take them to the boar each time. Each one was 3 months, 3 weeks, and 0-1 day. Best wishes. It is exciting! :)