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While searching for a source for used implements for our start up of a market garden and orchard, I discovered Windstar Equipment in Magnolia, TX .

Windstar Equipment is different from all the used ag equipment dealers I found within a 100 mile radius. Until recently, I thought of Windstar Equipment as a regional (Central Texas) resource, but I was visiting with Mike on a recent day when he had a caller from the East Coast shopping for an item on their website and Mike was getting a quote to ship the item to this buyer. When I expressed my surprise, I learned that they routinely ship into Mexico, and occasionally to South America.

The thing that makes Windstar Equipment special is that Mike Patrick is one of the most polished Auctioneers I ever listened to - I know what he is selling, what the current bid is, and have a good idea of where the bidder is in the crowd. His "Chant" seems like music to my ear. Consequently, Mike works a number of auctions where he can buy inventory for Windstar, and his partner Andy is out finding inventory also. Mike has BS and MS degrees from Texas A&M and his father/family had been a major operator in the Magnolia area, so Mike knows how to use what they sell. He has helped us select the equipment we needed and provided invaluable advice and council.

As their website explains, they are always interested in contact with persons who are seeking to sell ag equipment by consignment or auction.

At age 70, I have been able to purchase a Dearborn 8-disk breaking plow and a Ferguson cultivator essentially identical to those my Dad purchased around 1950 and I pulled many miles during my youth, among other implements we needed.

In my opinion, Mike and Andy are as straight as anyone in the ag equipment business. I encourage anyone shopping for, or wanting to sell ag equipment to visit the website. Keep in mind that most of the inventory is unique and constantly changing.

As a matter of disclosure, we swap produce back and forth, and enjoy the fellowship, but I am posting this just because it may help someone using this forum.

Best wishes
Metalman - may be corny, but I earned both BS and MS degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and spent 40+ years working large capital projects in energy related industries.
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