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Discussion in 'Cattle' started by chma4, Apr 3, 2005.

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    Feb 27, 2005
    New Jersey
    We will be getting 2 male Jersey herferd mix bulls soon. I raise goats but I know very little about cow husbandry. I live in NJ. The will be disbudded and castrated. What vaccines will I need? Is straight grass hay best for them? What feed would be best for good meat? What milk supplement should I use (most economical)? For my fencing I am using 48" feild fence with electric strung top and bottom, I s this sufficient? They will have a little over an acre, is this sufficient? Is there a vitamin supplement I should use? Are Vitamin Blocks made for cattle sufficient for this? I have an automatic cattle waterer, will it be easy to train them on it? Am I forgetting alot? I am nervous, I want to do this right.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank You
  2. Guinea mama

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    Feb 8, 2005
    How old are your bulls. Bottle babies or older. We don't vaccinated ours with anything but tetanus when they are banded. We use medicated milk for the calfs until they are a few months old. If they are bigger and close to butcher size I would start them on corn and/or sweet fat. This makes them taste better. If they are calves I would also give them sweet feed, just not corn. We use either a salt block or mineral block for them to lick when they want. Fence sounds good and an acre sounds good to me. Hope this helps. :)

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    Jan 24, 2003

    We did a calf (5do) to 6 months on our goat milk...we started at about 3 pints a day and worked up to 2 gal over 3 months....I left cowboy intact(horns & boys) because we wanted fairly organic meat. He got a flake of hay morning and night starting at 2 months and grain starting at 1 c twice a day up to lg coffee can(2). I fed him goat feed 16%. He also got some pasture.

    If you seach the goat forum you'll find my posts about it.

    Goodluck....we found it quite easy to do!