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Son Brought Home Cottontail

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My son came home from a friends house tonight with a cottontail itty bitty rabbit. His friend's cousin works at a daycare and they caught the rabbit out in the playground area. I don't believe this little one is weaned and know wild animals should not be brought in to become pets. I want to try and return the baby to the area it came from so it has a chance of finding its mama and a chance of survival, but since they caught the rabbit in the middle of a playground I'm not sure about the best way to go about this since I don't know a safe place to leave it. Any thoughts??

Also, since we have it for at least the night what can we try to do to keep it as healthy as possible? I have fresh goat milk, should we try to feed it a little out of a eye dropper or just let her be?

Thank ;you,
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I hit one last summer with the lawn mower didnt get it with the blade. But it knocked it out cold. I took it inside and when it came around after a couple of hours I let it go. It was tiny palm of your hand tiny.
But poor bunny was never quite right after that would always sort of lean and hop right into the fence it hung around though I knew it was him becuase he had a little white patch on his fur that no other bunnys had.

Then one morning we came out and found him dead in the front yard may have gotten hit by a car. Felt bad for that little guy

Sorry for bring it up not really relevent to your post but just made me think of him :(
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