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Son Brought Home Cottontail

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My son came home from a friends house tonight with a cottontail itty bitty rabbit. His friend's cousin works at a daycare and they caught the rabbit out in the playground area. I don't believe this little one is weaned and know wild animals should not be brought in to become pets. I want to try and return the baby to the area it came from so it has a chance of finding its mama and a chance of survival, but since they caught the rabbit in the middle of a playground I'm not sure about the best way to go about this since I don't know a safe place to leave it. Any thoughts??

Also, since we have it for at least the night what can we try to do to keep it as healthy as possible? I have fresh goat milk, should we try to feed it a little out of a eye dropper or just let her be?

Thank ;you,
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Unless of course he caught a feral domestic rabbit? :O Is it brown like a normal wild bunny? I'm kinda surprised it was easy to catch, having had some small escapees myself, man can they ever move!

Although, I hear that feral domestic rabbits will revert back to "wild rabbit brown" after so many generations...I know there are a few members with some escapees they can't catch, maybe they'll let us know what happens in about 5 years or so? ;p
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