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Its been found ,liquid Bandaid.There is one with antibiotic we used both.It dissappeared,took pain instantly away.I dont know if it smothers the wart or what but after 1 week of using it Its done for.No pain nothing.

You'll have to check for the particulars but it has been posted if you cover with duck tape (change daily) within a two week period it should be dead. I would do a net search on "uses for duck tape"

Sounds crazy but worth a try! Susan

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Theres a couple different kinds I usednew skin.Its in the band aid section at the grocery store.Its a first aid anmtiseptic liquid bandage.It was between toes so it was applied put something to hold toes apart till it dries.It stays on through bathing and all for a couple of days.

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I have a stubborn one--I also thought I got the root out, but it came back. :waa:

For me, the pain is associated with the skin build-up over and around the wart, which puts pressure on that spot. Every third day, I use one of those callus shavers (in the foot section) to remove the raised dead skin over the callus, and it pretty much eliminates the pain.

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I have heard from friends that the Duck tape does indeed work well.
Wasn't going to ask them how they found out about it. :eek:
Then yesterday on the News, it came up again and the Doc there said it does seem to work well... so must be something to it.

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Under a full moon...rub a cut potato on the wart, then rub a copper penny on the wart, put the penny between the pieces of potato, then bury it on the south side of an oak tree.

warts will be gone before the next full moon

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Tape Cover the wart with any kind of medical or first aid tape or a
bandaid and leave on around the clock for three weeks, removing only
to change the tape. This may cure the wart.

A recent study (2002) done at the Madigan Army Medical Center in
Tacoma,WA found that placing a piece of duct tape the exact size of the
wart over it was successful in removing the wart 85% of the time and
was better than the standard method of freezing the wart (60%
successful). So give it a try: place the tape on the wart for six days,
then remove it; soak the wart in water; gently scrape the wart with
an emery board or pumice stone; leave the tape off for a night;
repeat for up to a month.

Salicylic acid (15%) Salicylic acid is a more aggressive treatment
method and should be used with care as products containing
salicylicacid can burn your skin. Products with this ingredient work
by destroying wart tissue. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for
suggested products, and be sure to read the label and follow the
directions carefully. To use these products, apply them only to
the wart, not on the surrounding skin; allow to dry thoroughly.
Do this twice daily and soak and rub the dead wart tissue away
before reapplying. If you get pain or irritation, stop for a few days,
then start again. For small flat warts, apply the salicylic acid with a
toothpick or other small applicator, and follow the above directions.
The British Medical Journal surveyed 50 trials and reported that
thisremedy cured nongenital warts in 75% of the cases as opposed
to 48% using a placebo.


Half the patients were treated with cryotherapy (freeze treatment
withdrops of liquid nitrogen) and half had duct tape placed over the

After six consecutive days, doctors asked patients to remove the duct
tape, soak the wart in water and remove dead surface skin with an
emeryboard or pumice stone. This allowed healthy skin to replace
diseased tissue. Patients then applied new patches of duct tape the
following day and wear them for an additional six-day period before
the process repeated itself.

Focht said the duct tape was cut to fit the size of the wart on hands
and feet without applying any additional adhesive or gauze.

Cryotherapy patients received applications of liquid nitrogen every two
to three weeks for up to six treatments.

According to Focht's study, 85 percent of the patients using duct tape
saw their warts disappear, while only 60 percent of the patients using
cryotherapy had the same effect.

Focht hypothesizes that the treatment works by depriving the wart of
oxygen and triggering an autoimmune response that fights infection.
A wart is essentially a benign viral tumor.
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