solar heat collectors?

Discussion in 'Alternative Energy' started by zealot, Sep 19, 2006.

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    From my studies of physics and energy-system basics I have learned that solar energy can be harnessed with a simple panel, which converts the sunlight's energy into heat, or a complex panel (also known as a photovoltaic panel), which converts the sunlight's energy into a DC electrical current.
    A complex panel (to simplify it somewhat) is made from a wire between two alternate layers of silicon phases. A simple panel is made from a specially conductive, near-flat rectangular prism of grey glass or silicon. These are "heating panels".
    I have read Sue Robishaw's references to having panels like this installed in her home. Are they that easy to find? I don't remember Gaiam or Jade Mtn. selling them, but is that simply because they are locally available if you know where to look?
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    I'll bet your 'hi teching' Sue's stuff too much.

    How about some copper or Al. sheets painted black.

    If I'm wrong I'll owe ya a penny.

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    What you are calling simple panels are solar hot water panels, and are called such. You don't need to make up a new name and confuse things.

    Go the the Build it solar site and look at the "Solar Thermal" links, and also the "solar Suppliers" further down the page, and you should get lots of your questions answered.