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SC25 has officially started

Analasys has determined we are in SC25, apparently since earlier this year. The expectation is for another low-activity cycle, similar to SC24. This would be the second low-activity cycle; if followed by a third it would put us in a Grand Minimum similar to the Maunder and Dalton Minimums.

What does any of that mean, practically?

Less sunspots would translate to lower solar activity overall. Higher activity affects radio flux, so less activity will mean less solar EM interference with radio signals in general. It also would appear to mean less potential for a CME - so that worldwide EMP is less likely to happen over the next 11 years :)

There's a fair amount of speculation that the Maunder Minimum had something to do with the Little Ice Age, either directly through the lower TSI, or due to a possible impact on volcanism, where the lower sunspots are correlated with higher volcanic activity. Best I can tell, there isn't sufficient data at present to reach any conclusion, so we can only wait and see.
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