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Hi all! This is my very first post, but I've been visiting here daily for about a month, and couldn't be more delighted!!

Next season, I plan to do my first backyard vegetable garden. I'm concerned about any contaminants that might be existing in the soil (the site suffered a house fire, which burned to the ground - so there might be lead, asbestos, and any number of toxic goodies in the soil.)

Likewise, I am on well water. Thank the maker that I'm not being artificially exposed to fluoride and chlorine in city water. But I'd still like to really know what's in my water.

Does anyone know of some good, comprehensive, soil and water test kits? They need not be simple and easy :nerd: I'm sure there's a government entity that you can take samples to for testing, but I'd like to explore the home testing kits first. Thanks!

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Good kits will cost good money. Probably one of the best manufacturers of water and soil test kits is Lamotte. Unless you use the kits for a living, you're probably better off checking at your local cooperative extension agency for best way to proceed. They are there to help in such a case. And free consulting.

edit: BTW, Welcome to HT! :)
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