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  1. Donna-6

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    Oct 29, 2005
    Does any one know how long it takes to start drawing Social Security after you sigh up? This is the second round we,ve had. My husband has bad nerves, shakes like crazy. Prostate cancer,cancer is gone,left him with a lot of problems. Has had 4-bypasses. Can,t do much without having chest pains. If they turn him down this time. I will get a lawyer the next time.
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    May 10, 2002
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    The second denial doesn't take too long but I would find a lawyer who handles only social security cases right away. It took me two denials and finally a hearing (with my lawyer) and a social security judge. It is really a shame how this system works ( or doesn't work). I would bet that 95 out of 100 cases have to go before a judge.

    Don't waste time... find your attorney now and be ready to go to court. BTW it took me 19 months to finally get my first check. Remember also that they don't pay you for the first 6 months following your date of disability. So if it takes 12 months to get it settled you will only receive back payment for 6 months.

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    Frankly, everyone I've known that got a lawyer still had to do all the legwork, paperwork themselves, got thru the process no faster and had to split their money with the lawyer.I did it all without the lawyer. I could not see turning over a big hunk of the funds I needed so badly for no apparant benefit.

    If you still can appeal, do so, do not reapply. You can also request SSI and that will cover the time between applying and beginning to get your checks from SSDI.

    Go with your husband to every meetingk/hearing and take a tape recorder. Those agents will lie unless they know they cannot get away with it.

    Whenever you fill out a form take it and photocopy it for your records. When they ask the same questions again, copy down what you said the first time, word for word or they will call you a lier. They will anyhow, but this gives them less ammo against you.

    Swallow your pride and do your best to convince hubby he is not being 'lazy'. Hardworking people tend to blame themselves for illness that keeps them from working. This comes across to the SS people as someone who is lying or hiding something.

    Good luck. Hope it all works out.
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    Feb 9, 2005
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    Husband has 3 blown disc
    and he has bi-polar (he has been instutional at least 3 pos4 times)

    Right now we are in the "reconstruction phase" laymans terms - They have lost his records/file and need to "recreate it for the appeals"

    When I found out the major job of the lawyer was to calulate his % I figured he was not worth it. I still believe that. Each guy wanted me to do all the paperwork and they would basically put the stamp of it and mail it in. Oh they will show up in court but I aready have the docs and the doctors so what the hell. Bye bye lawyer.

    I have found out that they never got 12 of his doctors in the orginal file. Ask for the list of people that they sent forms to. Note if they did not send a form out then the people could never have sent in the medical records.
    I only found this out because I demanded to know which doctors they had on file. I was suspecuios as many of the docts had never heard from ss dept.
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    Jan 12, 2004
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    Our experience with a SS lawyer was nothing but positive. After nealry 2 yrs of reasons why they hadn't made any decision the lawyer got it taken care of in under 3 mths. He did all the work after an initial interview. Though you shouldn't have to pay a lawyer to get what you are entitled to we wish we had done it much sooner. What the lawyer gets is also related to how much back money you collect so the sooner you do it the better. Goos luck,