social gathering at the bird feeder

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by pickapeppa, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. pickapeppa

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    Jan 1, 2005
    This was so interesting I had to tell you all about it. I love watching birds, but rarely have the opportunity due to life stuff, you know. We have a bird feeder that hangs in a big maple tree about ten feet from our dining room window. We just love watching them when we get the chance. There are blue jays, cardinals, finches, sparrows, and some kind of sparrow-like bird that's blue, buff and grey. There are a couple of evergreens that stand behind the maple and the birds gather there and sit on the evergreen bough to wait their turn at the feeder. There is a dead branch on the maple where they perch that is right next to the feeder. The feeder is big enough the birds can sit in it, even the blue jays.

    Yesterday, I filled the feeder for the first time since early summer. It took about an hour for them to realize there was fresh seed in it, but when they did, they must have sent out the chirps of happiness. It was sooo interesting to watch their behavior. They shared and took turns in the feeder. About ten birds would sit on the evergreen bough. Then several would fly down to the dead perch, then one at a time they would enter the feeder, snatch a seed and fly out letting the next bird jump in, take a seed and fly out. They all did this for about ten minutes, one at a time, one seed at a time, rotating their positions from the bough to the branch to the feeder. Then one blue jay got greedy and slurped down a dozen or so seeds and another blue jay flew clean through the feeder and chased the hoarding one out.

    We know the bird feeder is out of seed when the cardinals come up to the windows and chirp. They've in a way become part of the family. I now have about fifty more friends. :)
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    Nov 16, 2004
    Oh, that is so nice to hear about! I love to watch the birds and where we lived before had lots and lots come every day, the kids loved to see them too. Where we are now is awful for birdwatching, I have two feeders and even put out bread but never get any more than a couple of chickades and a cardinal or two, once I saw a painted bunting at the bird bath but he never came back. You should have lots of fun this winter with so many to see!

  3. Old John

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    May 27, 2004
    Hi Y'all,

    I love feeding the Birds. And I love watching the interaction among
    them also. It is very rewarding hobby. One I've engaged in since I was
    15 years old. That makes it about 50 Years. I keep a couple Feeders
    out in the Summer as well, one with Thistle seed and one with Sunflower
    seed. And we put out 7 Hummingbird Feeders, with syrup.

    Right now All together we have out 10 Feeders, 3 for thistle seed, a couple for Sunflower seed, several for mixed seed, and two big Suet Feeders, The Suet Feeders are the kind that the birds can only hang on the bottom of, upside down. It keeps the Starlings from cleaning them out. Although we don't have many Starlings out here in the Woods. It was necessary up in Indy.
    Out here on the Hill, we have a much wider variety of Species, than we did
    in the City. We have Nuthatches, Titmouses, and several Species of Woodpeckers, and Flickers, as well as hundreds of Chickadees. And all of these Love the Suet cakes.
    We have several more species of Finches & Sparrows out here, too. We must have 40 or more Goldfinches at the Thistle feeders. And tons of Cardinals and BlueJays, looking for Oil Sunflower seed.

    Funny thing, Up in Indy, There were times when I was going throu 110#'s of Seed in a week. DSW, said that was EXcessive. So I took down a couple feeders.
    Out here, we go through about a third of that. But we don't have all the English Sparrows & Starlings. The squirrels aren't such a bother here either.
    Of course we have a whole woods full of Oak, Hickory, & Walnut. So, they are probably well fed anyway.

    It's a good hobby for a retired guy to indulge in.............
    Have fun.
  4. Wolf mom

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    Mar 8, 2005
    Appalachian Foothills
    I fill my birdbath with hot water every AM as it freezes overnight, and have an unbelievable amount of birds. :clap:

    Mostly junco's and bluebirds.
  5. cast iron

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    Oct 4, 2004
    Western WA
    Social gather is right, we have quite a few birds at our feeder every day as well. The darn stellar jays are messy buggers though (I think their stellar jays anyway, they are blue but I'm told they are not blue-jays). They tend to sit on the feeder and sweep their beak back and forth knocking most of the seed to the ground.

    The squirrels sneak out to the bird feeder and eat the seed off the ground while nervously looking around for the cat. You can usually spot our cat hidden in the bushes waiting for the right time to ambush the squirrels when their guard is down. The dog is laying on the deck waiting to ambush the cat when she comes out. The cat is the catalyst, when she makes her move all heck breaks loose and the chase is on!

    The cat is smoking fast, coming very close to actually catching the squirrels. However, she doesn't seem to have very good depth perception as she has trouble stopping before slamming into the tree that the squirrel just climbed. The poor dog doesn't stand a chance in the chase but tries to make a good show of it.