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soaking grains

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We are very new to goats and I have been going by the recomendation of my friend whom we bought the doe from. She advised us to soak the grains in apple cider vinegar. This is the proportions she uses
5 parts barley
2 parts sunflower seeds
2 parts split green peas
a dash of garlic powder
a little brewers yeast
I've been sorting through the threads and the first I have seen anyone soaking their grains is under the lentil thread. She said that soaking your grains eliminates the need to give the goat baking soda. But from what I gather goats have four stomachs for the digestion process. We both follow a Nourishing Traditions diet but is this necesary for our goats. Oh and I have been basically feeding this same feed to our ducks and chickens. The goat will be for milking next year.
Oh and our area is very depleted of A LOT of minirals...calcium, selinium, floride, ect.
Thank you for all the insight!
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Lora, Before you decide to change something you might want to ask yourself: 1. Do you feel your friend whom you bought the doe from is knowledgable? 2. Do you like the way her herd looks, acts and their health? 3. How about the doe you bought? 4. What does it cost you to feed this mix? 5. What will it cost you to change? 6. Why and what are you wanting to change? 'Course if you change something you know that you'll have to do it slowly; not only do goats dislike change but their rumens do too. Don't know how long you have been lurking /reading but it doesn't take too long to see that there are as many opinions and some even contradict! Since you just got the doe you might also want to investigate what feeds you can get in your area too. For instance in my area of NC I have a very limited selection compared to other regions. Hope this gives you "food for thought"!
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