Snake bite on a dogs nose area

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    May 4, 2003
    Well yesterday I was cutting grass and rosie was doing her usual thing of folowing me around the yard while I work and she then went to go lay down. I got to hot to mow so I took a break to cool off. I wasn't even reading a book 10 minutes and rosie come running around the corner sneezing, shaking her head and flicking her tongue. I asked her what the heck she was doing and she came over and jumped up on the porch with me still kind flicking her tongue. I then figured she got her stung in the nose by a scorpion by her reaction but when she shook her head again she came closer to me I saw she had a puncture wound. Since we have so many rattlers around I figured that must have been what got her so I grabbed the truck keys and rushed her 50 miles into the vet. He said from the low swelling he didnt think it was a rattler but he gave her a coule of shots and gave me some pills to give to her over the next few days. This afternoon I felt around her neck line and she feel like she has a water ballon under her fur. I called the vet and he said it's pretty normal but my main question is 'how many folks on this board had a dog get bit and what were the reactions you saw in your dog over the next few days??"

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    May 11, 2003
    Both of my dogs have been bit by snakes on the face. I can't say what type, but you could see puncture marks. Their face swelled up for a day or 2, and they looked highly goofy during that time. They just slowly shrunk down to normal over a couple of days. When the younger dog was bit she was real freaked out. Several times while her face was swollen and sensitive she was rooting around in the grass and a blade of grass poked her on her nose and she jumped as though she had just found satan! :haha: She was real nervous about pokes for a couple days, then she was fine. I never noticed a swelling on the neck, is it possible the dog was struck twice, once on the neck?

    She'll probably be fine, just watch the swelling and keep and make sure the swelling isn't getting worse, and that she has no problems breathing.

    My cat was also bit by a snake on the paw, other than being really grouchy until his huge paw went down to normal, he was fine also. We have alot of copperheads around here...

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    Jul 20, 2004
    My dog suffered a bad cottonmouth (water moccasin) bite on his foot earlier this summer. He was unconcious by the time I drove the seven miles to the vet's. They gave him a shot of anti-venom and he was in the hospital for almost a week. He swelled like a balloon too...his foot, leg and chest. That's what the vet was most worried about...the swelling in his chest was compressing his heart.

    He's fully recovered now and the hair grew back around the bite. Do keep an eye on your dog's breathing and the swelling. You can give a dog Benedryl for snake bites. I am keeping Benedryl on hand from now on.
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    Jul 27, 2002
    The lump under her neck is a swollen lymph node. It is a sign that the body is fighting of some sort of infection, etc. There are also more lymph nodes under the legs. Generally the ones that swell up are the ones closest to the problem.

    I learned this last summer when I found that my dear dog, a lab shepard mix,
    had a "water ballon" under his neck. In his case all of his lymph nodes where swollen...which is a symptom of cancer or a massive infection through out the body. Liquid taken from his lymph nodes confirmed that he had lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).

    I would say to watch the size of her neck lymph nodes and they should go down with time. If they don't go down, or if you notice swelling under her arm pits too...then it would probably indicate that she needs more help from the vet.