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slugs in strawberries

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How do I get rid of slugs in my strawberry bed?
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Mancy Carolyn said:
How do I get rid of slugs in my strawberry bed?
Set you some saucers or jar lids filled with beer around the plants, slugs are sots and will drown.
Mancy Carolyn said:
How do I get rid of slugs in my strawberry bed?
I hate slugs, I hate slugs, ect.... I'm battling them too, and getting frustrated. Thankfully they are skipping my strawberries, but they have ate all my dill plants, half my cucumbers, and just started on my zucchini plants. Argghh!!

We are trying to stay organic, but it's tough when you are dealing with slugs and getting mad. lol

Beer works well for us, but it seems like I have to put fresh beer in every night. I'm afraid the clerk at the store thinks I have a drinking problem, lol. I'm also trying broken egg shells sprinkled around, and used coffee grounds around plants. I've also heard that DE (diat. earth, can't think of how to spell it this morning) works too, and is organic.

If you don't mind about things being organic you can always get slug and snail bait. If you have dogs, be careful though because it's poison to them. There are ways to cut water bottles though where you cut them in half and then put the spout in the bottom half with the bait. That way a dog can not eat it, unless your dog is like ours and loves to chew emply bottle containers!

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It's Diatomaceous Earth (in case someone wants to look it up). I don't know if it works for slugs, but it has worked for other things in my experience.
Just by coincidence I noticed every morning there would be several slugs in the dog's plastic food bowl. Apparently the leftover smidgens of dog food really attacted them as I didn't even know I had any slugs around. Sounds like that would be cheaper than beer and just swish them out in the a.m. and let them drown, I guess.
DE works great, as does FRESH beer. Old beer is a big turn-off to slugs.
Guinea hens and chickens work well too, although I bet the chickens would want a share of those berries (only a piece of each though :no: )
I usually put out a buried saucer of bber, surrounding the area with DE. Just don't go overboard with can get the earthworms too.
There is an organic slug bait available now that works well and is safe for pets and kids. Very pricey though. Check your local nursery. Theresa.
I go out in the garden at night with a flashlight, find a snail, and throw it hard onto the cement. Seems to work pretty well. For the slugs, I put out Sluggo and that works well.
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